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 Moving into the upper season with open hearts, Limited   availability.

Hand Drums
Pollinator Friendly Garden

We offer many different styles of pollinator gardens. From butterflies & dragon flies to the humming bird moths, and believe me the bee's will come. What a beautiful way to give back!



Okay.. I know some are thinking watering?? Hmmm that sounds expensive. Not one bit. 

And yes pollinators need water too. 

Pollinator Habitat

There are so many fun styles to offer these little guys, but being safe is our number priority. Some of these little guys pack a punch!

Table Gardens

Custom Bee Box (Limited)

We are offering limited selection due to ordering restrictions. Contact us for details. Thank you for being a great sport!! 

Tutorials on honey usage 


Honey has been used for thousands of years. To prevent infections and aiding in fighting  foreign bacteria. There are so many fun ways to incorporate our honey infusion. 

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