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Simple, yet beneficial treats paired with our Herb, Root & Flower Honey Infusions.    

Let's make it our mission to consume flavorful but nutrient dense fun-filled dishes and refreshments using several of Honey Rasta Man honey infusions. 

Kiwi Popsicles & Natty 1

Cayenne Pepper, Dried Lemon Peel infused honey & Kiwi

Marinated Peaches In Blackberry Saigon & Star Anise Infused Honey

Marinated Peaches In Blackberry Bush Honey Infused With Saigon Cinnamon & Star Anise

Blackberry and Lemon Detox

Flavorful Detox made with our Blackberry Honey & Cayenne Pepper Infusion

Grapefruit Cocktails

Toasted Coriander Seed & Cumin Honey Cocktail.

Yogurt with Fruit

Fruit Salad Drizzled With Unfiltered Wildflower Honey

Plate of Pears

Which Honey Rasta Man Honey Infusion Would Go Great With This Plate Of Pears?

Plum in Honey

Sliced Plum & Toasted Allspice Infused Blackberry Bush Honey

Fresh Berries & herbs with our Honey Chill Infusion Yummy!!

Kevin Cheeseboard -11 cropped

Honey Infusion Herb Base Sauce Using fruit & Olive Oil.

Yum Fish Taco

Open Face Fish & Fruit Taco Drizzled With Toasted Cumin Seed & Chili Honey Infusion

Vitamin Packed Bread With Raw Wildflower Honey

Honey Rasta Man Infusions

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